This SOP is developed to understand the incubation process which is implemented at ASHINE. Through this document, newly incubated startups and newly joined ASHINE team members shall be able to acquaint themselves with the entire incubation process step-by-step.


Fill up Form A

Fill up Form A

  • Visit the ASHINE website and under the startups’ tab, click on apply for startup support.
  • That option will take you to an application form known as Form A.
  • This form is to avail startup support and incubation at Association for Harnessing Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ASHINE)
  • It is a single form that can be used to apply for pre-incubation, incubation or acceleration support at ASHINE, including co-working space, grants, mentorship, etc.
  • Form A includes end to end questions related to startup.
  • Please ensure that you provide all crucial information and do not intentionally skip out on any information


Selection and Onboarding

Selection and Onboarding

  • After the successful completion and submission of Form A by the startup, the Internal Review/Screening committee of ASHINE with the support of the internal team scrutinizes various applications received for startup support.
  • A minimum period of 30 days is taken for the scrutiny process which includes shortlisting of startups and an interview with the scrutiny committee of ASHINE either personally or virtually.
  • If further information is required, email is to be sent to the innovator asking for more details.
  • Shortlisted startups are informed via email for an interview on a predefined time slot.
  • It is mandatory for the startup founder to be present at the time of the interview.
  • Based on the Interview and details provided, the Committee selects or rejects the applications.
  • The selected startups then receive onboarding emails within the span of the 10 - 12 days from ASHINE stating all the benefits, facilities, community guidelines and procedures that are part and parcel of getting incubated at ASHINE.
  • The emails will also include a link to Form B and PDF of Form C and mandatory incubation requirement in the attachment along with a list of support documents that the startup has to submit as part of the incubatee file.

Form B and Form C


Incubation and Benefits

Incubation and Benefits

  • After receiving all the documents from the startup, the initial incubation period of the startup is started. The startup receives initial incubation or pre-incubation of 3 months depending upon the decision of the committee, The maximum cap for a startup to leverage pre-incubation and incubation is 18 months.
  • Product-based startups are eligible to get additional 18 months of incubation and service-based startups are eligible to get an additional 6 months over and above the standard 18 months incubation period, based on a request by the startup and well-demonstrated progress, at the sole discretion of the ASHINE Committee.
  • Community Development Contribution

  • All startups supported by ASHINE are required to comply with the Community Development Contribution (CDC) based on their use of co-working space and the number of team members after the first 3 months of the incubation.
  • In exceptional cases of financial difficulties of founders/team of the startup, temporary waivers are available for startups to request and leverage from contributing to the CDC.
  • Incubation Benefits

  • a. Co-Working Space :
    ASHINE is located at the heart of SVNIT and is sprawling across 20,000 sq. ft. space with 200 seat capacity. The incubation and co-working space is connected to a 24x7 internet connection, all-day open-pantry access, and lush-green spaces of the campus surrounding it for outdoor meetings and activities. The co-working space is also secure with an access control mechanism.
  • b. Fablab :
    ASHINE premises also encompass a micro Fablab with 3D printers and rapid prototypes, available for startups to use at no- or low-cost
  • c. IPR Support :
    ASHINE provides patent and trademark support through an IP Cell which is a facilitator for supporting IP-related matters of students, faculty and startups supported by Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology. Any student or faculty can file a patent and get a reimbursement of up to the full expense borne for filing the patent, as per prior approvals accorded by the aforementioned IP Cell as per the IPR policy.
  • d. Infrastructure :
    All infrastructure, including research and scientific labs, equipment, auditoriums, amphitheatre, computing facility, is available to startups at ASHINE
  • e. Mentorship :
    Startups at ASHINE also get access to on-demand mentorship from the pool of mentors empanelled with ASHINE.
  • f. Free Cloud and Services :
    ASHINE will partner with prominent organisations to avail their service/products at low or no cost for incubated startups. This includes Amazon AWS, Google Cloud and GSuite, Digital Ocean, Intercom, HubSpot, Msg91.
  • g. Software Access :
    ASHINE will offer startups free access to a variety of software such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Biteable, Statista, Bizplan, Canva, Animaker at ASHINE’s Common Resource Centre.
  • h. Networking, Facilitation :
    ASHINE facilitates startups with networking and connections based on the need. ASHINE also organises regular demo day, mentor meetups, events and programs, where startups can participate.
  • Mandatory Incubation Requirement

  • Startup Labs:
    It is an introductory program for every newly incubated startup. It is composed of an array of sessions, bootcamps, and workshops that are focused to grow the analytical as well as creative thinking skills of the startups. The presence of the founder or co-founder in this program is mandatory. Startup Labs generally lasts for 12 weeks, with one session per week, lasting anywhere around 2 to 3 hours. Startup Labs are conducted once in every quarter
  • Startup Progress Reviews (as below)
  • Event and program attendance (as per existing policy)
  • ASHINE Startup Meets :
    ASHINE will organise approximately 4 to 5 startup meetings per year involving all startups of ASHINE. Each such meeting will generally last from 2-3 hours. Attending all these meetings is a very important and mandatory requirement for incubation at ASHINE.
  • Event Participation :
    ASHINE will organise, as well as, partner with several regional, national and international events on a frequent basis. It is expected of each incubatee to participate in at least 3 such events in a given year.
  • Expiration and renewal of Incubation Term

  • Upon completion of the incubation tenure, startups wishing to extend their incubation tenure need to make a formal request using the “Form D” made available to startups upon completion of such a term. aSE/edit?usp=sharing
  • Once the startup fills the Form - D and submits it, the management reviews the progress of the startup and accordingly, decides the nature of extension, if any
  • Based on that decision, the startup’s support at ASHINE is either extended or discontinued. Startups who have completed a maximum term at ASHINE and continue performing well are thereby selected for Graduation.
  • Startup Extension Policy

  • If during the review the management finds that the startup is on a steady growth incline and doing well but hasn’t reached the maturity curve then the startup is provided with an extension.
  • Extension entails continuity in the incubation tenure of the startups for a specific time period on the completion of which the startup will once again have to fill the renewal form (if they want to extend their incubation) which will be again reviewed by the management


Startup Progress Reviews

Startup Progress Reviews

  • Startup Progress Review of every startup is done at least once in a quarter to understand their progress as well as assess their working condition and capacity and also to solve various problems that they might be facing
  • SPR are done via in-person, video or phone meetings, and are coordinated by a member of the Incubation Team of ASHINE
  • Joining each scheduled SPR call is a mandatory requirement for every startup supported by ASHINE


Startup incubation tenure Graduation, Extension and Startup Graduation

Startup incubation tenure - Graduation, Extension and Startup Graduation

Well-performing startups who complete the maximum limit of Incubation support at ASHINE or the startups no longer needing Incubation support will be selected for Graduation by ASHINE. Each startup joining ASHINE should aim to graduate out of ASHINE as soon as possible. The following entails the Startup Graduation Policy:

    Criteria for startups to be graduated if it fulfils any one or more of following :

  • Startups have completed the maximum incubation tenure at ASHINE
  • Startup which have reached a mature stage, have a steady flow of revenue and profit and are financially self-sufficient
  • Startup which is performing well with a linear growth trajectory
  • Startup which is witnessing an escalation in their growth and revenue
  • Benefits, Perks & Roles for Graduated Startups :

  • Graduated startups continue to be part of the ASHINE Community and have access to ASHINE programs, events, etc.
  • Access to investment and investor network of ASHINE (not grants)
  • Graduated startups are able to leverage soft infrastructure offered to startups such as networking, connections, cloud credits, learning and technology resources at ASHINE, etc.
  • Graduated startups are eligible for a 50% discount on the co-working space which would be made available to them basis availability
  • Graduated startups would also be engaged by ASHINE and invited to work with early-stage startups at ASHINE as mentors, as well as serve on various decision-making committees of ASHINE

From time to time, ASHINE would host a Graduation Ceremony for its graduating startups which would entail: (Tentatively on September 25 - Foundation Day or October 31 - Sardar Vallabhbhai Jayanti, every year)

  • A graduation certificate/certificate of recognition distribution ceremony
  • Interaction with the leadership of ASHINE and SVNIT
  • Interaction with guests of the graduation ceremony who may be distinguished members of the startup ecosystem
  • Discontinuation of Startup Support / Incubation

  • With the following criteria, Internal Review/Screening Committee (IRC/ISC) can be apprised with the startup details including the Form D information and IRC will make a final decision on it.
  • Which startups fall under the purview of termination

  • Startups who have been incubated with ASHINE for a long duration but haven’t witnessed any growth in their business and/or are not performing well
  • Startups who have not completed and/or adhered to any ASHINE compliances such as non-compliance with Mandatory Incubation Requirements including, but not limited to, failure to participate in the Startup Labs programs, not fulfilling Startup Progress Review, non-compliance with CDC requirements, etc.
  • Failure to abide by the Terms of Use and access to ASHINE support and facilities as laid down in the Terms document, Community Guidelines and other guidelines as issued by ASHINE from time-to-time would also lead to discontinuation of a startup’s support at ASHINE
  • Support for startups which do not wish to renew their incubation tenure and are not doing well will also be discontinued.