Incubation Program

Sr. No Name of the Start-up Description
1 Urisol This innovation is about the selective recovery of water and fertilizers (NPK) from the source-separated human urine from the hostel urinals having the capacity of 800 students. This project is divided into two sections; First: Recovery of water using Forward Osmosis (FO) technology and Second: concentrating of nutrients (NPK) as the recovery of fertilizers using the Struvite precipitation and Absorption technique. For the forward osmosis process, they have designed a novel Vertical Upward Flow Forward Osmosis reactor (VUF-FO), which ensures the higher rejection of the urine constituents and separates the high-quality water (This novel designed reactor and its process have been applied for the patent). They have also developed and patented our own FO membrane which is comparable with the commercial FO membrane. This patented membrane will be utilized in the VUF- FO reactor for water recovery and nutrient rejection.
2 poshaQ They have created a sophisticated AI algorithm that is able to extract information from images to help augment content for ecommerce products.
3 Trezix Digitisation using micro service architecture for Import Export. At present there is no single platform which collaborates Customer / Suppliers, Customs, CHA and Freight Forwarder.
4 Digien CA Office Pro offers an all-in-one solution to CAs. CA Office Pro can plan an entire year’s schedule for an office in just a few minutes. This structured planning involves segregating client’s work based on different services, allocating tasks to employees and tracking the details of work in real-time. Now each employee knows what she has to work on each day throughout the year. With automated billing, offices can expect faster and better payments from customers. The platform allows to track hourly work done by employees every day. The application offers geotagging so that audit assignments can be monitored in real-time. Automated tracker and reminder messages are sent to clients so that their data can be received in time and returns can be filed before worrying about the deadline. Instead of receiving physical files and data on emails, CA Office Pro provides a common platform to CAs and their clients to share files and data. CA Office Pro stores all the data in database tables and not as flat files in servers, making data more secure than what other applications offer.
5 Design Playstore (i) First of a kind game-toy to design thinking, most of the earlier interventions are flashcards. The two main problems in flashcards:Proves difficult to hold the attention of kids in the given age group. This leads to an extensive parents/educator intervention (they need to read it to them); (ii) Leverage & build on innate skills of kids to make it playful & engaging. For example one of the products named Bulby is a light and shadow game. It teaches ideation skills to kids with sunlight, a universal and natural trigger. The game is built on the innate skill of making patterns. (iii) Toy/game can be played in multiple settings – outdoor, indoor, in a tent, sleepover; (iv) Global appeal: no barrier of language & geography.
6 Ugaal Startup has developed an attachment to helicopters which can airlift 8 persons at a time making rescue 5 times faster than ever,named as RESCUE LIFT for which PATENT has been granted. Useful in Disaster management and Defense departments all over the world
7 Dream Child Parenting This is a mobile App-based Program, easy to access anywhere and anytime. There is no such online product available in the market in Gujarati Language. The proposed mobile application based baby care (brain development) guidance is in local language i.e. GUJARATI. The product proposed is very scientific and Indian culture-based. The baby care is based on Ayurveda and Yoga Based Daily Routine, Raag and Dance Therapy, Spiritual Brain Health, Meditation, etc
8 KasperTech UltraviZ is a smart device that is capable of processing real time feed from any surveillance cameras. With AI at its core, UltraviZ is capable of detecting accidents and informs them to the authorities within seconds instantaneously.
9 Zorko They deal in various Health supplements based on Vata-Pitta-Kapha( Dosha), processing of Organics, and medication Farming through farmers. They will soon launch our Health Tech Platform with customized health Supplements based on Dosha and a Classified platform for all edibles based on Dosha.
10 Lalchee E-Commerce Lalchee aims to combine the trust and features of ERP tools of the SaaS platforms and the agility and diversity of web based platforms in one. Lalchee has the below enumerated features on a single platform which currently are scattered over various platforms. This would be a large attraction not only for SME and MSME companies but also for large scale entities.
11 Shyam Innovations Animal Repellent Systems for farmers and army. The product has 300 types of frequency variations. We cannot hear sounds higher than 20 kHz, but some animals, such as rodents, can identify noise in the ultrasonic range. Some insects can detect frequencies from 50,000 Hz to 100,000Hz. UltraSonic Rodent and animal Repellent is designed to produce sounds high enough to deter rodents & animals. There are multiple 300 type frequency variations inside the product complexity and changing frequencies prevent rodents from getting used to the sound emitted. In other products, there is no facility like this.
12 Linkjoy Linkjoy helps Creators Increase Brand Awareness, Generate More Leads and Re-Target one-time Visitors.
13 Piblitz Piblitz is a platform where Tech creators can come and upload their projects. Tech creators include Cad-designers, embedded system engineers, tech bloggers, students, professors, etc. Anyone on the platform can edit or add new knowledge to any project. enabling us to build and share "OPEN KNOWLEDGE" forthe community. It is a platform for knowledge development where anyone can crowdsource any knowledge by getting knowledge contributions from people worldwide.
14 Valuationary Valuationary is an Edtech platform to learn the practicalities of the financial world. They are building a complete ecosystem around the BFSI domain by providing highly curated courses, free courseware,webinar, newsletters & blogs to bridge the skill-gap between products of the education system & requirements at the workplace.The platform enables the candidates to become employable by upskilling and then connects them with our hiring partners who are exactly looking for practical traits in their ideal resource.
15 Gradeazy An easy to use, scalable and most importantly economical platform that fits the need of everyone wanting to conduct an online test.
16 Br-Scan Cancer mortality can be reduced when detected and treated early. BR-Scan 1.0 device is a one of the new health and wellbeing product for women. It is a one of the unique invention for the detection of breast cancer and certain breast abnormalities at home on DIY basis. Along with this, Startup has added app based integration so user will be store their scanning data in digital form (PDF) which can be used to refer with the doctors as well.
17 Crooze App Cycling Cities has launched a fitness app Crooze to accelerate cycling by rewarding every kilometer of cycling & building & nurturing cycling ecosystem.
18 Ecovia Ecovia is India’s first Packaging-as-a-service company that helps e-commerce and hyperlocal players switch to reusable, returnable packaging. They think of packaging waste as a systems design problem, which cannot be solved by simply tweaking the broken linear consumption model with alternative packaging materials like paper and bioplastic.
19 Bits and Studios Bits and Studios offer live 1-1 Live online Makerspace courses for K-12 children. They offer a combination of personal mentorship to guide students’ projects through live 1-1 online classes and a home-brewed AI system that recommends courses, designs Project-based-learning-curriculum and encourages learning by "making" through asynchronous learning.