Proof of Concept (PoC)

Student Startup and Innovation Policy (SSIP)
Details of innovative projects supported as Proof-of-Concept (PoC)
Sr. No Title of the Project Name of the Mentor Year
1. Development of Ball on Plate Balancing System Dr. S. N. Sharma, EED 2018-19
2. Development of Nonlinear Control System for Autonomy of Quad-Rotor Dr. H. G. Patel, EED 2018-19
3. Brain Computer Interfacing Dr. A. D. Darji, ECED 2018-19
4. Implementation of Impedance-source Inverter (ZSI) Dr. Anandita Chowdhury, EED 2018-19
5. Plant Leaves based Waste Water Treatment Dr. A. K. Mungray,CHED 2018-19
6. Development of Various Products from Water Hyacinth Dr. P. V. Bhale, MED 2018-19
7. Real Time Sign Language Recognition System Using Machine Learning Dr. K. P. Upla, ECED 2018-19
8. Solar Thermal- Parabolic Trough with active tracking Mr. Vikram Rathod, MED 2018-19
9. Vertical Axis Hydraulic Turbine Mr. Vimal K. Patel, MED 2018-19
10. Design and Fabrication of Rice Crop Cutter Mr. Vimal K. Patel, MED 2018-19
11. ROS based Robotic System for precision Farming Dr. A. D. Darji, ECED 2018-19
12. Alkali activated concrete using steatite powder Dr. S. N. Desai
Dr. B. Kondraivendhan, AMD
13. Wastewater treatment and desalination through electric field attached, Forward Osmosis-Reverse Osmosis (EFO-Ro) Hybrid System Dr. A. A. Mungray, CHED 2018-19
14. Low Cost Cleaning Solution for Solar PV Panel Dr. M. H. Bade
Dr. A. V. Doshi, MED
15. Synthesis and Characterization of graphene based nano-composite for super capacitor application Dr. D. V. Shah, APD 2018-19
16. Study of structural, optical and magnetic property of Fe3O4 nanoparticles decorated with quantum dots for targeted imaging in biological system Dr. D. V. Shah, APD 2018-19
17. Electric Tricycle for physically handicapped person Dr. K.P.Desai, MED 2019-20
18. E-Writer using ARM processor Dr. J. N. Sarvaiya
Dr. A. D. Darji, ECED
19. Cost Effective Biogas and Manure Generation Using Kitchen Waste- Rice Husk Substrate Dr. P. V. Bhale, MED 2020-21
20. Development of Solar Assisted Evaporative Cooler with Biomass as Desiccant Material for Coastal Areas of Gujarat Dr. P. V. Bhale, MED 2020-21
21. Agrobot for Farm Assistance Dr. H.K.Dave, MED 2020-21
22. Touch-free yoUVen: An indigenous touch-free UV-C based disinfectant box for surface decontamination in view of COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Vipul Kheraj,APD 2020-21
23. Leakage Detection & Repair Robot Dr. K.P.Desai, MED 2020-21
24. Fabrication of Oxygen Concentrator Prototype Dr. H.K.Dave, MED 2021-22
25. Development of prototype of low-cost sanitary pad manufacturing machine Dr. Krupesh Chauhan, CED 2021-22
26. NavIc/GPS Enabled Positioning Device Dr. Shweta Shah, ECED 2021-22
27. The Fabrication of Table Top Membrane Bioreactor System for Wastewater Treatment Dr. Z.V.P. Murthy, CHED 2021-22
28. Ship docking using SDR Dr. Shweta Shah, ECED 2021-22
29. Development of prototype of laser annealing system for semiconductor processing Dr. Vipul Kheraj, APD 2021-22
30. Fabrication of Lab Scale Pervaporation Setup Dr. Z.V.P. Murthy, CHED 2021-22
31. Samay sancharak Dr.Deepak Joshi (DoEcE) 2022-23
32. Fabrication of pervaporative membrane module and mixed-matrix membranes for liquid mixture separation Dr.Z.V.P.Murthy (DoChE) 2022-23
33. SUN - Surveillance using UAV Network Dr.Shweta Shah (DoEcE) 2022-23
34. IOT Based Height, Weight, and Bicep Measurement System with Biometric Authentication and Android App interface Dr.Anand D.Darji (DoEcE) 2022-23
35. Development of Carbonated Coarse Aggregates from Low Calcium Fly Ash Dr.Satyajit Patel (DoCE) 2022-23
36. RF power transfer up to 200 meters Prof.Suresh Dahiya (DoEE) 2022-23
37. Storm Proof Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Dr.Prabhanshu (DoME) 2022-23
38. Investigation and Development of Peltier Refrigerator used for cooling Covid Vaccine Dr.Vimal K.Patel (DoME) 2022-23
39. ‘‘Ionic Liquid Based self-healable, injectable, polymeric Hydrogels: De Novo Co-Delivery Platform for the Protein and Chemotherapeutic Drug for Breast Cancer Treatment and Mammoplasty’’ Dr.Naved I.Malek (DoAC) 2022-23
40. Design and Development of Portable Dual-Head Diode Laser Cutting and Engraving machine Dr.A.A.Shaikh (DoME) 2022-23
41. Intelligent Charging Solution Dr.Rakesh Maurya (DoEE) 2022-23
42. OSEM (Optimization and Saving Energy with Management) Dr.Sanjay Tolani (DoEE) 2022-23
43. Development of a Standalone System for Combined Van der Pauw Resistivity and Hall Effect Measurements. Dr.Vipul Kheraj, DoAP 2023-24
44. Anti-freezing MOF based New Age Eutectogel as the Platform for the Protection of Skin against Frostbite Dr.Naved Malek, DoAC 2023-24
45. Process Intensification for Continuous Metal Extraction from E-waste Dr. Jogender Singh, DoChE 2023-24
46. Development of Multipurpose Device for the Construction of Deep Soil Mixing Columns (DSMC) and Stone Columns Dr. Satyajit Patel, DoCE 2023-24
47. RoadMitra: An AI based real-time System to detect cracks, potholes, trash and waterlogging on the roads using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) for Smart Cities” Dr. Rupa Mehta and Dr. Dipti Rana, DoCoE 2023-24
48. AtlanZ Dr. Sriniwas S. Arkatkar, DoCE 2023-24
49. Autonomous Robotic Arm Dr. Harshit K. Dave, DoME 2023-24
50. Hardware Implementation of a Deep Learning based Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) system Dr. Pinalkumar Engineer, DoEcE 2023-24
51. IOT based urine flow measurement system for Intensive Care Unit. Dr. Anand. D. Darji, DoEcE 2023-24
52. Design and development of a fuel-free crop cutter and implementing a renewable energy-based charging system Dr. Vimal Patel, DoME 2023-24
53. Development of 5-axis low cost autonomous robotic kinematic structure for Additive Manufacturing (AM) Dr. Krishna Kishore Mugada, DoME 2023-24
54. Design Of Multi Table Laser Cutting Machine Using Single Driving Shaft DR A.A.Shaikh, DoME 2023-24
55. PET Filament Extruder using waste PET bottles Dr. Harshit K Dave, DoME 2023-24
56. Development of Appropriate Technology for Improving Shelf Life of Agro Produce Through Hybrid Cooling and Heating Techniques (1) Dr. P. V. Bhale (2) Dr. Prabhansu, DoME 2023-24
57. Multi element wing designed aircraft Dr. Rohan R Pande, DoME 2023-24
58. Neolimbs: Passive exoskeleton for ergonomics support Dr. Harshit Dave, DoME 2023-24
59. Autonomous Package Delivery Dr. Suresh Dahiya, DoEcE 2023-24
60. Removal of pharmaceutical compounds from wastewater by Supported Liquid Membrane Technology Dr. Vineet Kumar Rathore & Dr. Mousumi Chakraborty, DoChE 2023-24
61. Sustainable Cooling Technology: Low Global Warming Potential & Environmentally Suitable Blend Refrigerants for AAC and Refrigerator System Dr. Yogendra V. Kuwar, DoME 2023-24
62. Explainable AI-based System and Method for Poverty Detection Dr. Sankita J Patel, Ms. Niva Naik, DoCoE 2023-24
63. Prototype of a Secure and Privacy-preserving Healthcare Platform for Sharing Healthcare IoT Data using Blockchain Technology Dr. Keyur Parmar, DoCoE 2023-24
64. Design and manufacturing of low-cost novel 5-axis Gough-Stewart Delta robot for 3D printing. Dr.Krishna Kishore Mugada, DoME 2023-24
65. Portable Shear-Assisted Processing and extrusion (shAPE) for manufacturing of metal and polymer wires Dr.Krishna Kishore Mugada, DoME 2023-24
66. Affordable Additive Manufacturing Technology Solutions (AAMTS) Dr. Harshit Dave, DoME 2023-24
67. Gygnetic Dr. H.G.Patel, DoEE 2023-24