Pre-Incubation Program

Sr. No Name of the Start-up Description
1 ChaturBots ChaturBots is an AI-based Company which helps automate customer engagement to drive sales and provide an enhanced user experience
2 Aanjaneya Aerodynamics Pvt.Ltd. To design, develop and manufacture a totally indigenous multipurpose, medium sized transport for civil & military applications using unique innovative design concepts
3 Gradeazy An easy to use, scalable and most importantly economical platform that fits the need of everyone wanting to conduct an online test
4 Chikitsak FlowT is a healthtech startup working to build a network of patients through its various disease communities.
5 Vysion Technologies Provides IOT,AI and computing based smartv technology solutions for betterment of citizens of the country-Smart sewage monitoring device
6 Piblitz Piblitz is a platform where Tech creators can come and upload their projects. Tech creators include Cad-designers, embedded system engineers, tech bloggers, students, professors, etc. Anyone on the platform can edit or add new knowledge to any project. Enabling us to build and share "OPEN KNOWLEDGE" for the community. It is a platform for knowledge development where anyone can crowdsource any knowledge by getting knowledge contributions from people worldwide.
7 Griffin Wheels Griffin Wheels is an initiative to provide Smart Transportation Service to students living in Mega Cities and Huge campuses like SVNIT. It was Started by SVNIT students to solve their own niche problem of commuting across the city and campus in an economically and technologically viable manner. It aims to minimize the latency between users and micro-commuting and spread it across every Campus and corner where there is a need for quick and reliable micro-commuting service.
8 Star STAR is a Space Education & Researchbased startup that firmly believes that Space is for Everyone. Star provides Project-Based Learning and Hands-on Experience on space technologies to young minds. Star provides training, mentoring, and infrastructure to build space-based innovations. They are building a community of the future space generation.They have built Mars Rovers, Small Satellites, Model Rockets, and also launched 30+ High Powered Rockets.
9 Valuationary Valuationary is an Edtech platform to learn the practicalities of the financial world. They are building a complete ecosystem around the BFSI domain by providing highly curated courses, free courseware,webinar, newsletters & blogs to bridge the skill-gap between products of the education system & requirements at the workplace.The platform enables the candidates to become employable by upskilling and then connects them with our hiring partners who are exactly looking for practical traits in their ideal resource.
10 Nova Tech Labs Nova tech labs have built the smallest satellite that weighs only 29 grams and has the size of 3*3.3 cm3 volume which can go into space and helps to fetch the data from LEO. These Small Satellites are faster, cheap, and reliable than conventional satellites. These small satellites can change the revolution of faster and safer data with constellation-based networks that consist of hundreds of small satellites that are responsible for fetching real-time data.
11 VEGG VEGG is making a smart home system VEGG platform that will enable all smart home devices to be connected to each other. They are designing an affordable solution for the wireless smart system ecosystem within a home that can connect smartphones to smart belts.
12 Flower Composter Solid waste management and solutions deal with solid waste management, a step towards sustainability, by providing a platform to manage all organic waste generated from different sources. They provide patented composting machines for the rapid degradation of organic waste into nutrient-rich compost within 20-25 days.
13 Caresy Caresy is a holistic parenting app that fulfills everyday parenting needs. Through our App, we assist in the digital tracking of baby's day-to-day activities and milestones. We also aim to integrate medical experts, childcare experts, day-care centers, baby stores, and various other baby businesses by using technology.
14 Smart Charging Solutions A smart Charging solution provides smart charging solutions for all types of EVs. Their pick and go service will save your time for charging your vehicles so you can explore the world without worrying about charging ! Also, their efficient charging stations will power up your vehicle in less time.
15 Collab-Gram At Collab Gram, they aspire to create a digital pathway that can scale commercially viable opportunities in rural India by connecting budding business to one another and enabling them to function as strong and competent organisations. Empowered with synergistic partnerships, an e-commerce platform that enables access to larger markets, and a social media platform that can incorporate comprehensive development, they can tap into the enormous potential residing within the rural niches of India.
16 PuraiR Purair provides finest Air purification solution for residential and workspaces through a new type of ceiling fan that not only provides cooling effect but also purifies Air for particulate matter, dust, smoke, mites, VOC's and all other harmful pollutants. Their technology is way more powerful, efficient and silent than any other market variant.
17 Maypole It is a Wi-Fi based pen drive. People can upload or download data from your mobile phone wherever or wherever.
18 Uplive UpLive is the one-stop solution for all the accommodation needs of students and working professionals, now made convenient & accessible like never before. UpLive lets you discover available listings, explore 3D models, take virtual tours, and provide a seamless onboarding experience. Once you’ve made up your mind to Up-Live, you can go around your day, exactly how you want to, leaving all the mundane tasks up to us - meals, cleaning, maintenance, laundry, and anything else that you can need can all be now managed straight from your Smartphone, as you get the best-in-class hygiene, security, Wi-Fi service and customer support at UpLive stays. The customer can choose from our tailor-made plans that best suit them and have add-ons that they might need down the road. All the while they can spend their time and energy where they really have to.
19 Air februs technologies Air februs technologies provide environmental friendly and sustainable solutions to reduce air pollution and improve the health of mankind. Our team members have expertise in the design and manufacturing of airbags for industry bag houses to reduce air emissions from chimneys. Also, our company has a very devoted, faithful and focused marketing team to manage market potential. Air februs technologies also provide air purification systems for commercial buildings, institutions and public areas.
20 Herbal Plus hygiene Nowadays, UTI (Urine Tract Infection) is a big issue to women and causes several health issues. Extraction from herbal plants such as seeds, leaf and bark of neem will be used for the disinfection of those bacteria which causes UTI. The Different concentration of sample will be prepared without addition of any chemicals but additional of other herbs for fragrance purpose. The main motive of this start-up is to prepare a chemically free product which can be used in sanitation and other purposes
21 MN Sustainable Energy Pvt. Ltd. They are developing IIS (INGENIOUS IRRIGATION SYSTEM) which is an IoT-based atomisation, powered by AI-powered water management solution to revolutionise water network systems in agriculture. IIS is a combination of Advance IoT, AI and ML technologies. It is designed for high precise farming to increase the wealth of farmers. IIS takes multifaceted approach by monitoring Soil Condition i.e. Monitoring Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature, Monitoring Soil nutrients like NPK etc., Weather condition, and Water and Nutrients used by Crop to determine requirement Water and Nutrients for Ingenious Irrigation and Fertigation. It can be used in Drip irrigation. The system Automatic determines Start and Stop of irrigation with fertigation without human intervention for particular area of Farm.
22 Krsna-A Cleanliness Drive Krsna-A Cleanliness Drive, serves as a platform where users can request a pickup of waste via our Android/web application around them and get it cleaned up .
23 Legal Intelligence Legal Intelligence is a LegalTech Firm that aims to integrate the Legal domain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to empower the Legal community with state-of-the-art technologies for efficient, versatile and advanced Legal research. A team of experienced researchers conceptualized Legal Intelligence to enhance Legal professionals' efficacy and productivity by reducing laborious efforts for Legal research. Our team is highly qualified and practicing advanced AI and Deep Learning technologies in Legal Informatics. Presently, we are developing a Web/Mobile/Dongle based intelligent Legal search engine and Recommendation system to identify and recommend the most relevant Legal documents based on the query/keywords/free text/document given by the litigants and professionals like advocates, judges, law students and other related users aiming with a real-time response.
24 ACE Charge ACE Charge will provide the solution for DC fast Charging stations with global standards (CCS and CHAdeMO) for a wide range of electric vehicles, starting from lite EVs to large Commercial EVs, through Innovation and technology. They will manufacture DC fast chargers from 20kW to 300kW and provide a complete solution (Manufacturing, Installation, Service, Maintenance, Smart Billing) for EV charging stations, with vehicle to grid capability.
25 Hola Peeps Hola Peeps is a Community based Voice-Only Social Network for real-time spontaneous communication. You can have worthwhile discussions in various public HolaClubs and send requests to people you like, to add them to your network. Or just have casual conversations with your friends.
26 DQcare (Company: Good4health Lifecare technology Pvt. Ltd.) The startup is working to replace all physical medical files with a single smart digital health file, making patients' lives easier and relieving them of the burden of physical files. At the same time, they provide a medical summary and an in-depth journey to users and doctors in order to save time, make early diagnoses, and provide better health care.
27 R & K Industry(Company: R & K Client Industry LLP) The startup is developing a low cost compact machine that will assist all farmers in making their daily lives easier. This machine can perform multiple tasks at once, saving farmers money and time. The micro size won't cause any harm to the crop. This will be powered by an environmentally friendly battery
28 Vegneta (Company: Vegneta Pvt. Ltd.) Vegneta is developing an Al-based SaaS platform for road safety auditors that identifies potential safety zones on road networks in order to prevent accidents from occurring. The software automates the entire road safety auditing process using modern technologies such as AI and ML. With this, they will be able to save millions of injuries and thousands of lives that we lose due to traffic accidents while reducing cost by 50–55%, increasing efficiency by 20–25%, and speeding up the process by 90–95%.
29 Nanoclib Nanoclib is a one-of-a-kind start-up that is developing a low-cost Nano-based formulation for site-specific drug delivery with fewer side effects in breast cancer.
30 Swachh-AI SwacchAI is a startup that provides a smart waste management system powered by advanced AI algorithms and IoT sensors. The system categorizes waste into three categories: recyclable, bio/green, and non-recyclable, making disposal easier and reducing environmental impact. It also provides real-time monitoring, data management, and compression to optimize waste collection and disposal processes. Their dedication to sustainability and cutting-edge technology distinguishes them as a key player in the waste management industry. Overall, SwacchAI offers a comprehensive all-in-one solution for waste management.
31 Locult Locult is an app that addresses the growing problem of social media loneliness and isolation. Locult enables users to form genuine relationships based on common experiences and interests. Using digital platforms, this social media startup hopes to bring people together in real life. It promotes social interactions and fosters a sense of community by connecting people with similar interests or backgrounds. The goal is to foster long-term connections between individuals and groups by bridging the gap between online interactions and real-world relationships.
32 Electriline Bikes They want to create a fast and versatile electric bicycle. Their versions include assisted biking, which helps to save costs. These models will have more than ten attributes spread among multiple models. They will be distinct from their competition in more than five ways.
33 Retake Innovation Private Limited At Eveo, the fields of personal fashion advising, personality training, and stylist advisory services have been revolutionized through the use of cutting-edge technology (AI-AR).
34 Perish the Perishable Farmers and vegetable vendors face a significant challenge with the discoloration of green vegetables, leading to blackening, which adversely affects product quality, marketability, and economic viability. To tackle this issue, a cutting-edge device is under development. This device replicates photosynthesis and creates optimal environmental conditions to extend the shelf life and freshness of vegetables. The innovation includes a specialized storage system designed for sale to various stakeholders in the supply chain, such as vegetable vendors, farmers, and supermarkets. The goal is to minimize losses, preserve freshness, and enhance food preservation, ultimately reducing wastage and allowing for extended inventory sustainability.
35 Neuroderma The neuroderma (nanoparticle-loaded microneedle patch) has been designed with the prefix "neuro" denoting neurological disorders and "derma" indicating a dermal drug delivery system. This formulation is specifically tailored for patients with dementia, individuals who struggle to remember to take medications on schedule. This formulation ensures the controlled release of Donepezil HCl and Memantine HCl, both used in dementia management. Nanoparticle-loaded microneedle patches represent a minimally invasive drug delivery system utilizing tiny microneedles to painlessly penetrate the outer skin layer (up to the epidermis) and administer drugs into the systemic circulation. These biodegradable patches have been engineered to enhance drug delivery efficiency, minimize the pain and discomfort associated with injections, and promote better patient compliance.
36 BioHydra Vesicular Elixir BHVE, a multifunctional skincare solution, effectively captures and removes heavy metals, pigments, chemicals, dirt, and oil without the need for harsh scrubbing. Additionally, it keeps skin hydrated, moisturized, and calm, providing antibacterial benefits. This product has been meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of busy individuals, including working women, offering a convenient, efficient, and gentle solution for makeup removal and thorough facial cleansing for all skin types. Not only does it streamline skincare routines, but it also provides therapeutic benefits, making it an ideal choice for those seeking quick and on-the-go cleansing.
37 Jarviot Technologies The startup has built the software which is focused on modernizing personal training in India by being supplied to personal trainers and their clients. Its mission is to eliminate the high barriers that newcomers encounter in their fitness journey. The software is developed for personal trainers to assist them in delivering services to their clients.
38 Robobeam Robobeam is a pioneering startup dedicated to the development of advanced robotic solutions for rescue operations. Their primary focus is on creating a revolutionary Robotic Device for Borewell Rescue Operations. This innovative technology is designed to facilitate the efficient and safe retrieval of individuals trapped in borewells, ensuring high accuracy and safety in rescue missions.
39 Physiofy Physiofy is a startup at the intersection of healthcare and technology, dedicated to revolutionizing physiotherapy practices. Their platform provides a comprehensive solution for both physiotherapists and patients, streamlining the process of prescribing and performing home exercises for rehabilitation and recovery. By providing physiotherapists with advanced tools for treatment planning and monitoring, and offering patients an engaging and accessible platform for home exercises, Physiofy aims to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and accessibility of physiotherapy services.
40 BharatAi BharatAi is a startup addressing the challenges faced by businesses in navigating the complex landscape of artificial intelligence (AI). Recognizing the need for guidance and access to tailored solutions, BharatAi offers a comprehensive platform that combines AI consultancy with a curated marketplace of industry-specific solutions. BharatAi is at the forefront of democratizing AI adoption, offering businesses the guidance, tools, and solutions they need to thrive in an increasingly data-driven world. With this platform, businesses can seamlessly adopt AI technologies, drive growth, and propel innovation, positioning themselves for success in the evolving digital landscape.