Get the co-working space your work deserves

The SVNIT Campus is colloquially renowned to be the “lungs” of Surat, and the co-working space at ASHINE is surrounded by the lush green of the campus and the modernity of the University’s upgraded campus.

Primarily used by startups, young entrepreneurs and innovators supported by ASHINE, the co-working space in Surat offered by ASHINE is also available for freelancers, entrepreneurs, professionals along with fast-paced businesses looking for flexible co-working spaces to avoid the hassle of full-fledged offices.

ASHINE’s co-working space is a fantastic place to work out of. It’s not only geographically extremely convenient, but the ASHINE co-working space also has everything you need from an office space. Well-lit? Check. Fast internet? Check. Secure premises? Check. Access to outdoor green spaces? Check. Best coffee? Check, check, check.

Co-Working Hours :

Barring a limited number of major holidays of Gujarat, ASHINE premises are open 7 days a week, all day long. Have a deadline and need to work the midnight oil? No problem! ASHINE happily entertains requests to have the premises kept open outside the official hours to ensure all your deadlines are met!

Meeting Spaces

Along with flexible co-working space, ASHINE also offers a variety of meeting spaces, meeting rooms and event spaces in Surat, within the heart of the city for both co-working space users as well as individuals and entities looking to flexible meeting spaces. Following are few of the meeting space options available at ASHINE. Please contact our team using the form below for more information.


The Boardroom at ASHINE can seat up to 12 persons on the primary seats, where as 12 other persons can be accommodated in the room. The double-ceiling facility includes a state-of-the-art video conferencing facility and a 75-inch 4K screen for video conferences and audio-visual presentations.

₹2000, for every 2 hours | ₹10000, for an entire day

Meeting Rooms

Several meeting rooms are available at ASHINE for various different types of seatings. Audio-visual equipment may be made available, upon request in advance, at no extra cost.

  • 5-seater – ₹500, for every 2 hours
  • 8-seater – ₹750, for every 2 hours
  • 10-seater – ₹1000, for every 2 hours

Multipurpose Space

The multipurpose space at ASHINE can be used for invite-only lectures, seminars, webinars, talk-show screenings, etc. 40 persons can be seated with ease at the space with includes audio-visual facilities, HD LED projection, sound and microphone system, and an easy access to the ASHINE Cafe.

₹4000, for every 2 hours | ₹20000, for an entire day


Drop in your details and our representative will be in touch with you shortly to arrange a tour of the premises for you.